Ulf Erlingsson, Ph.D.

Ulf Erlingsson, PhD


  • Invented the SediMeter, manufactured by Lindorm, Inc.
  • Proposed the Captured Ice Shelf hypothesis, which provides a mechanism for ice age jökulhlaups, and suggested an explanation for the sudden end of the ice age.
  • Equipped and used the Akusta marine geological research vessel, a trailer boat with side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, echo-sounder, and precision positioning system.
  • Designed a water wave reflector that does not restrict currents.
  • Created HazMit, a natural hazard mitigation GIS system for the government of Nicaragua.
  • Written Atlantis from a Geographer's Perspective, examining Plato's tale and our folly.

  • Education: PhD in Physical Geography 1990, Uppsala University, Sweden. BSc in Earth Sciences 1984, Lund University, Sweden. Post-doctoral fellowship at Copenhagen University, Denmark.

    Areas of interest: Geomorphology, sediments, under water studies. Sediment erosion, transport, deposition, and siltation in reservoirs, lakes, coast and sea. Floating peat islands. Natural hazards, theory and palaeoevents. Quaternary geology, glaciology, palaeoclimate, palaeogeography, dynamics of ice ages, megafloods, and geomythology.

    Positions: Owner of Lindorm, Inc. since 2006, and of Erlingsson Sub-Aquatic Surveys, 1989 - 2007. Partner in AB Hydroconsult from 1995 to 2006. Principal research engineer, researcher, and research assistant in Uppsala University during 1988-91 and 1994-95. Scholarship in Copenhagen University during 1992-93.

    Academic: Teaching oceanography, geology, and environment, at Barry University.

    Key techniques and methods: Data collection, side scan sonar, sediment echo sounding, depth surveying, computer mapping, GIS, computer modelling, electronic measurement, multimedia, and digital publishing.

    Key projects: Floating islands in the Arenal Reservoir, Costa Rica. Supervisor on the spill monitoring programme from dredgings for the Öresund Link. Effects of flushing in the Cachí Reservoir, Costa Rica. Denudation of the Surtsey group volcanoes, off Iceland (research project). Baltic University GIS Project, BUGIS. Ooid field studies, the Bahamas and Egypt (research project). Webmaster for the University GIS Network from Oct 1994 to 1996, and for AB Hydroconsult from Aug 1995 until 2006. Designed and produced a GIS Tutor on CD-ROM in 1994-95. Planned, equipped and operated "Akusta", a marine geologic research vessel at Uppsala University. Created MESTSEM, a computer model for sediment sorting under the combined influence of waves and currents.

    Awards: Linnaeus prize 1991 from Royal Society of Sciences, Uppsala.

    Honor positions: Scientific board of the GIS Planet 2005 conference in Portugal. Chairman and other board positions in the Geographic Society of Uppsala.

    Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, French.

    Hobbies: Diving, sailing, flying, paragliding.

    Selected papers, reports and books (see also Ulf Erlingsson authorship page)

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 1990: Geomorphological development of the bottoms off Österlen, southernmost Sweden. UNGI Rapport 76, 136 p. (doctoral thesis).

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    Jansson, M.B., and Erlingsson, U., 2000: Measurements and Calculations of Sedimentation in a Flushed Reservoir Resulting in a Sediment Budget. Regulated Rivers: Research and Management, Vol. 16, pp 279-306. [ Abstract ]

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2000: Under water investigations as a preparation of dredging of Örserum Bay, municipality of Västervik (in Swedish). AB Hydroconsult, Uppsala. 12 pp plus a CD with GIS data files.

    Erlingsson, U., Coone, T., Leonelli, M., Gutierrez, M.A., Valle, M., 2001: Mapeo de Riesgos Naturales en Nicaragua. Volumen II. ("Mapping of Natural Risks in Nicaragua"; in Spanish.)

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2001: Manual de usuario para el SIGG "AmeNat" (Amenazas Naturales). AB Hydroconsult, Uppsala. 70 pp. ("User manual for the GISS "AmeNat" (Natural Hazards); in Spanish.)

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2002: Inlet design study for Guaymuras marina (Honduras). AB Hydroconsult, Uppsala. 60 pp.

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2004: Européernas DNA från en geografs perspektiv. Lindorm Publishing, Markaryd. ISBN 91-975119-0-0. 222 pp. ("European DNA from a Geographer's Perspective; in Swedish; free download.)

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2004: Atlantis from a Geographer's Perspective: Mapping the Fairy Land. Lindorm Publishing, Miami. ISBN 0-9755946-0-5. 100 pp.

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2005: GIS for Natural Hazard Mitigation. GIS Planet 2005 Conference Proceedings, Portugal.

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2005: A geographic comparison of Plato’s Atlantis and Ireland as a test of the megalithic culture hypothesis. Atlantis 2005 Conference Proceedings, Milos, Greece.

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2006: Lake Vostok behaves like a ‘captured lake’ and may be near to creating an Antarctic jökulhlaup. Geografiska Annaler 88A(1): 1-7. [ Abstract ]

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2007: Comment to “Outburst flooding and the initiation of ice-stream surges in response to climatic cooling: A hypothesis”. Geomorphology 86(1-2):214-216.

    Erlingsson, Ulf, 2008: A jökulhlaup from a Laurentian captured ice shelf to the Gulf of Mexico could have caused the Bølling warming. Geografiska Annaler 90A(2): 125-140. [ Abstract ]

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